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Your order will be handled in-house by Jeff and Sherrie Sowers, experienced engravers. We welcome rush orders.

Our Passion is Glass Engraving

Jeff Sowers engraving Jeff Sowers Glass Engraver

Sowers Glass Engraving is a locally owned and operated business. Owners and engravers Jeff and Sherrie Sowers specialize in custom glass engraving, crystal engraving and metal engraving. We engrave on a wide variety of glass and crystal items such as champagne glasses, wine glasses, beer mugs, pilsners, vases, decanters.

In our store you will find a large selection of gifts such as champagne glasses, wedding glasses, toasting glasses, beer mugs, picture frames, glass and crystal glassware, like beer mugs, beer pilsners, martini glasses, Margarita glasses, whiskey glasses, water glasses, wine glasses, vases, awards, trophies and business gifts, as well as personalized wedding and anniversary gifts. We are also happy to engrave on your glass or crystal items.

Sowers Glass Engraving is a real brick and mortar store. Our business is located in Port Orange, Florida. All of our engraving is done on the premises in our Port Orange store which is basically a suburb of Daytona Beach Florida.

Sowers Glass Engraving - Champagne flutes, toasting flutes, wedding flutes, toasting glasses what ever you may choose to call them we have a large selection for your wedding. With the wine or champagne toast being central to the celebration of a wedding a set of personalized engraved glasses make that moment more special. Most of the wedding flutes we engrave are personalized with the bride and groom’s name and their wedding date. Flute champagne glasses can be used for other celebrations or just a special romantic evening. Personalized toasting glasses are also available for members of the wedding party like the bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as mom and dad. We can also customize them for a wedding theme, like a couple on the beach, hearts, wedding bells, or even motorcycles. Sowers Glass Engraving provides a truly unique option for your wedding glasses. Please contact us with any questions.

Personalized Engraved Glass and Crystal is our Speciality

Jeff Sowers has been personalizing glass and crystal for many years. Jeff is one of a very few that are able to engrave using a Spatzier for engraving on glass. The Spatzier is also used by the engravers at Corning Glass in New York. This kind of engraving is know as stone wheel engraving or copper wheel engraving. Stone wheel engraving is an ancient technique that uses a spinning stone wheel to cut letters and patterns into crystal and glass. With this type of engraving the engraver maneuvers the piece of crystal over the wheel, often holding the piece upside down and backwards while looking through from the opposite side. This technic is often referred to as glass “cutting”. Jeff uses a man made stone wheel that he “dresses” or sharpens using a special diamond dressing tool. It takes great skill to be able to sharpen the stone wheel. With computers replacing humans hand wheel engraving is now considered to be a lost art. Each item engraved a truly unique piece of engraving. Each name or design is cut into the glass by hand. Jeff takes great pride his work.

Sherrie Sowers has also been engraving for many years. She does her satin etching by hand as well. The twelve inch round plate on the right was created by both artists.

North Pole crystal

The names and other lettering is a calligraphy style of hand lettering done by Sherrie. There are roses on the plate that were wheel engrave. Sherrie has engraved on items that are not able to be engraved by other means. Like hand blown thimbles, as well as all the way around the rim of a Waterford Crystal ice bucket, or a Margarita glass, or a thin Christmas ornament. We also offer engraving on many items that can not be engraved by computers or lasers. Each day brings a new challenge.

Glass and Crystal Engraving

We have a large selection of glass and Crystal items that you may choose from like wedding glasses, beer mugs, wine glasses, clock, frames, vases, and awards.

Metal Engraving

We also can engrave on many metal items that can not be engraved by computers or lasers.

You can bring in lighters, urns, knives, jewelry, coins, frames etc.

Crystal heart Vase engraved crystal champagne glasses Engraved Lion Beer Mug Honey I swear its ice tea whiskey glass coast guard whiskey glasses Sowers Glass engraving decorated for Valentines Day

We offer many different styles of glassware that we customize how you need.

We also offer numerous designs that can be added, for a small additional charge, along with text, to our personalized engraved glassware. Or you can have your company logo or your custom design engraved.

We are also happy to engrave on your glass or crystal items. Bring your own stuff like lighters, urns, knives, jewelry, coins, frames, wrenches, watches and pendants.

Store hours are Monday thru Friday 10:00 am until 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 am until 2:00 p.m. We also offer extended holiday shopping hours from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

Our address is 4616 Clyde Morris Blvd. which is on the north west corner of Herbert Street and Clyde Morris Blvd. and is one mile north of Dunlawton Ave. in Port Orange Florida. Here’s a link to our map

Stop by and see us we would love to meet with you.


You can reach us by phone @ 386-761-4527 or by email

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Engraving takes two to three days (Monday - Saturday) to complete - this does not include shipping time, shipping time is one to ten business days (Monday - Saturday) after the order is completed. If there are any delays, we will contact you by e-mail.

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